We are an FAA certified repair station, FAA CRS 13PR698Y, authorized to do pitot, static, altimeter and transponder certification, including mode S. We operate on a appointment based schedule traveling to your location. We have parts, loaner units, and all the equipment needed to provide you with complete service. We have the ability to have all your avionics equipment repaired and serviced through our partner repair stations. We can provide you with advice and repair service on most old and new avionics equipment. If your installing your own avionics or need help with an installation please call and see how we can help you. In conjunction with our repair station I am also a A&P + IA mechanic and can help with GPS IFR test flights and certification. Also, if your in need of a 337 approval I can provide assistance.


Aveo Engineering

Makers of a varity of high visibility low power drain LED aviation lights for most aircraft. REALLY COOL - Change your Nav lights and add strobes, for the price of strobes, and get lifetime warranty.


X-COM Avionics

The XCOM is a great and powerful COM and intercom with many features.

True Flight

True Flight makes handheld and in-panel aircraft GPS IFR/VFR units that have more features then any other manufacturer. They are a bargin for the power of features.

DAC International

Providers of a great GPSS steering unit and many other aviation products.

VAL Avionics Center

Providers of many products for all aircraft, such as NAV’s, COM’s, etc..


TRIG Transponders

Trig Transponders model TT31 is a mode S transponder and a direct replacement for a King KT76A, KT78A, or KT76C. Also, the Trig unit is capable of providing TIS traffic on some handheld or panel mounted GPS units. Several different model's of TRIG transponders are available, each a great upgrade at a reasonable cost.


J.P. Instruments

Has new high-quality instruments for monitoring of your engine's performance. Including TSO'd replacement of exsisting primary engine guages.

TruTrak Flight Systems

Great autopilots for all experimental aircraft. The best autopilot available, with the ultimate in dynamic performance.


Dynon Avionics

Dynon has a great list of proven products mostly for experimental and sport aircraft. I saw a Bonanza with an approved Dynon 10 A, via 337, installed for a back up. The pilot was glad he had the Dynon 10 A during an IFR vacuum system failure. Dynon EAA STC for installation in certified aircraft available after 7/25/2016, call to schedule your installation.


SkyVision Xtreme

ADS-B is the latest offering of the FAA, with a SkyVision Xtreme system, you can get traffic of all aircraft operating within 100+ miles of your aircraft shown in your choice of 2D or 3D, Audio Alters, and also FREE no subscription weather, including METAR, TAF, NOTAM, and SPECI. Also, this equipment will allow you to meet the ADS-B requirements of 2020. Why not have the information your tax dollars are paying for to keep your aircraft flying safer and more reliable. It just makes plain sense.



Plug and Play replacements for your 15 year old Garmin stack. Giving you the latest touchscreen options with minimal installation cost. Demo IFD540 and IFD 440 units available, call to schedule.


Stratus by Appareo a popular ADS-B receiver and their new product the Stratus ESG ADS-B transponder with built-in WAAS GPS, a great ADS-B solution. Also available, the ESGi for those who don't have a Stratus.



ADS-B solutions for many applications, works with ForeFlight. Also many other products available.



ADS-B system using a UAT that works with your existing transponder, can provide weather and traffic to your handheld device. The most cost effective ADS-B system available. NavWorx anticipates compatibility with ForeFlight this August.

Sandia Aerospace

The SAI340 a TSO'ed horizon that can replace your old vacuum horizon in most aircraft, and a new ADS-B transponder in development. Also many other items.